3 Things You Can Do Now to Amp Up Your Career

Published August 25, 2017

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Want to improve your marketability?  Want to improve your knowledge?  Want to move up in your career and increase your earning potential?  Here are 3 things you can do to amp up your career over the next few months.  Don’t wait for the new year.  Do it now and you will be ready to take on any opportunity that comes your way in the new year.

Travel – When you choose to take on a travel staff position you open yourself up to a world of opportunities.  You will gain experience at the industry’s leading facilities where you will rub shoulders with the best and brightest in the field, exposing you to new learning opportunities on a case-by-case basis.  Plus, you’ll learn new processes and procedures and get valuable exposure to the latest technologies.  To top it off, you’ll get to work in exciting locations where you can experience the best culture, arts, history, and cuisine – creating an adventure of a lifetime.  Check out our travel opportunities now.  Or explore answers to the most frequently asked travel questions to help you decide if travel is right for you. Get our FREE Guide now. 


Network – Never stop networking.  You never know who you will meet and where that connection might take you.  So get good at introducing yourself to others.  Take advantage of coffee meetings, happy hours, conferences, volunteer opportunities or concerts where you might get connected to the right person.  Then be prepared to offer something of value.  When you invest in others they will be more willing to invest in you. Don’t feel comfortable presenting yourself to others?  Then you might try joining a local Toastmasters group where you can get plenty of practice. 


Learn – Improving your knowledge can boost your confidence and make you more valuable.  Consider earning continuing education credits or working towards an industry certification such as the RCES.  Showing your boss that you can take the initiative and study on your on can go a long way when it comes to receiving a promotion or earning a raise.  According to a recent survey, lab workers with certification earned 11 percent more pay. When it comes to education there are many options from online courses to more formal classroom settings.  Explore your options in our

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Life is busy for sure.  But taking the time to invest in yourself is always time well spent.  The pay off?  You may land the next job of your dreams or find that you’re up for a promotion.  Get started today.