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Springboard's Cath/EP/IR Wage Survey

As an industry-leading cardiovascular care partner for staffing and education, Springboard takes great pride in conducting and releasing the results of its national Wage Survey every other year. The results of the survey show how compensation differs across regions and specialties, and reveals insights related to hours, education and benefits.

An industry snapshot

Our 2021 Wage Survey gathered responses from 2056 Cath/EP/IR professionals, giving us a unique look at wages across the country based on specialty, region, education level, and more. See how your wages compares to those who participated.

Be in the know

The West continues to lead the way when it comes to highest wages, and traveling nurses and technologists continue to outpace their permanent counterparts when it comes to compensation by a significant margin. Those who said they were “satisfied” with their wages were generally the highest paid.


Avg. hourly wage for travelers in West



Respondents not satisfied with wages



Increase in traveler wages since 2011


The Springboard Wage Survey over the years

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