Electrophysiology Training

Get Ready for Your RCES Exam

Are you an electrophysiology nurse or technologist looking to take your EP lab career to new heights? Look no further than EP Academy, the premier online, self-paced, four-part course for electrophysiology professionals. Whether you’re preparing for your RCES exam or just want to increase your competency in the latest EP lab procedures, EP Academy can take you there.

Comprehensive EP Training

EP Academy leaves no stone unturned in the world of electrophysiology as it expertly educates clinicians in critical skills and workplace knowledge. Features include:

  • 75 Online Lectures
  • 40 Online Practice Tests
  • 375 Review Questions
  • Receive 52.6 ANCC or 13 AHRA CEUs Upon Course Completion

Training for Lab Teams

Are you a lab manager struggling with with staff retention, training issues, or keeping your team at 100% efficiency? EP Academy is the perfect solution for:

  • Improving Retention Rates
  • Making Cross-Training and OJT a Breeze
  • Streamlining the Lab Orientation Process
  • Preparing Team Members for the RCIS Exam

Our Education Works

Used in hundreds of hospitals by thousands of clinicians, we know that our EP Academy course improves critical knowledge and performance among individuals and EP lab teams.

How much improvement? We knew you’d ask.


EP Academy score improvement
as measured against pre-course assessment.


Make Your Move for a Better Career