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The Ultimate Cath Lab Teaching Platform

Training cardiovascular technologists can be a challenge. Outdated textbooks, time-intensive curriculum development, and inconvenient offline learning makes the educational process more difficult than it needs to be.

Bring your classroom into the future with CVPro Academy, an online cardiovascular teaching platform developed by the experts at Springboard Healthcare and Duke Heart Center.

Comprehensive Cath Lab Training

CVPro Academy is designed for students entering into the field of cardiovascular technology. This set of courses follows ACVP guidelines for Invasive Cardiovascular Technology programs. It is a self-paced online program typically offered with the guidance of an instructor, or in a hospital cath lab department for new learners.

The course covers invasive cardiovascular history and procedure descriptions, patient ethics, CV anatomy and physiology, patient care, X-ray generation and radiation physics/safety, diagnostic and intervention procedures, hemodynamics, pharmacology, cardiovascular diseases, assessment and treatments, congenital anomalies, and pediatric cath techniques.

A Complete Digital Classroom Solution

CVPro Academy is the perfect teaching solution that offers flexibility and control for cardiovascular instructors in one easy-to-use platform. Administrative features include:

  • Student Progress Tracking
  • Student Participation Tracking
  • Student Exam Performance Analysis
  • Award Students Recognition for Reaching Learning Milestones
  • User and Learning Team Management

Our Education Works

Used in hundreds of hospitals by thousands of clinicians, we know that our CVPro Academy course improves critical knowledge and performance among individuals and cath lab teams.

How much improvement? We knew you’d ask.


CVPro Academy score improvement
as measured against pre-course assessment.


Make Your Training Program Shine