4 Ways to Move Up the Career Ladder

Published September 22, 2017

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Dreaming of moving up to the next rung on the career ladder or possibly to a management position?  You may be wondering, “How do I get there?”  Or, “What’s the next best step?”  Here are 4 ways that our top recruiters recommend you go about moving up to the next level. 

#1 – Be Engaged

Ask questions.  Make recommendations when appropriate.  Doing both of these things will show you are interested and invested in the moment of each case you work on.  Your supervisor and others will definitely take notice.


#2 – Demonstrate Leadership

Volunteer to serve on a hospital committee.  By communicating goals, managing project plans and leading the group towards reaching the end goal, you’ll be able to refine and showcase your leadership capabilities. 


#3 – Share Your Goals

Let your manager know your goals to take on more responsibility and move forward on your career path.  Ask for ideas on additional responsibilities you can take on now to refine your skills.  Or ask for feedback on qualities that you can improve on such as communication skills or etc.  Most likely you’ll find that your manager is glad to assist and can provide some good performance improvement ideas. 


#4 – Increase Your Knowledge

Take additional continuing education credits to increase your knowledge, give your confidence a boost and perhaps score some points towards a promotion.  If you’re really eager to move up the ladder, then earning a certification such as the RCES is a good investment.  Enroll in an online class and let your supervisor know that you’re eager to learn and earn the certification.  You’re sure to get noticed for the next promotion. Explore your education options here in our FREE Career Checklist. 


Hopefully you’ve found some helpful information that you can take away and apply to your career.  Here’s wishing you much success! 


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