5 Tax Pointers for Travel Healthcare Professionals

Published January 26, 2018

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Different pay in different cities?  What’s taxable?  What’s deductible?  Don’t let the IRS or financial aspects of traveling get you down. Working as a travel staffer is an enjoyable experience and shouldn’t be fraught with tax and accounting issues.  Follow those simple pointers and you’ll have a pleasant tax filing experience.

1. Keep your receipts

The best way to track potential tax deductions is with your receipts.  Organizing them by topic may help such as food, housing, transportation, uniforms, and etc.  That way when tax time rolls around your organization will pay off.


2. Work with a professional accountant

Taxes can be complex, especially for travel staffers.  So it’s best to find an accountant and have an initial consultation before you start traveling.  They can help you with your questions around expenses and deductions and ensure that you are correctly following legal processes and regulations.  Then once tax time rolls around, having a professional help with filing your taxes will give you great peace of mind.


3. Use an app

You should keep your receipts, but tracking your expenses with an app is super convenient and it makes it easier to read your receipts. There are lots of apps available to keep track of spending (i.e. Goodbudget, Wally, Pocket Guard, etc.), so find the one that’s right for you and get organized. Apps are great because you always have them with you.


4. Don’t forget professional expenses

Remember that any expenses used for continuing education and keeping licensing up are tax deductible. This can include tuition, books, supplies, dues for organizations, malpractice insurance, and uniforms.


5. File on time

Make this a priority to avoid penalties and fees for filing late.  If possible, plan on taking a day off to tie up loose ends on taxes and ensure they are mailed on time. 

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