A Partnership for Travelers Like No Other

Published April 1, 2021

Traveling sounds pretty amazing right now, in general. Becoming a traveling nurse might sound even better, because unlike recreational travel — travel nursing jobs allow you to work, get paid and see new places all at once.

We should know.

As a leading healthcare staffing agency, Springboard Healthcare has a keen understanding of the travel nursing landscape and the benefits it brings to the nurses who choose to give it a try. The network we’ve built, and the experience we’ve earned — over the course of nearly 20 years in the space — is invaluable to nurses looking to travel or traveling nurses eager to embark on a professional partnership with a new agency.

Traveling with Springboard has its benefits.

Besides earning more as a traveling nurse as compared to colleagues with a permanent position — industry averages indicate traveling nurses earn 20-30% more than permanent nurses — a traveling position allows you to experience new environments in ways that otherwise may not have been possible. Springboard’s relationships with prestigious healthcare facilities allow our traveling nurses to bolster their resumes with short-term assignments while learning alongside highly accomplished colleagues in the industry.

In addition to professional growth opportunities, traveling with Springboard has its personal benefits, the most notable of which is how we approach our partnerships with the Cath Lab, EP and IR nurses we place. By pairing each nurse with a Springboard relationship manager, we build a reliable, trustworthy partnership from the start.

Our relationship managers guide our traveling nurses through every aspect of a new contract process, answering every question from compensation to benefits to licensing and the interview process. They’re available whenever they’re needed (even weekends), acting as a travel career partner, helping traveling nurses evaluate the length and location of an assignment and referring them to Springboard housing specialists and onboarding specialists once an assignment is accepted.

At Springboard, you’re never left to figure things out on your own. It’s just not how we work.

We understand that part of the allure of becoming a traveling nurse is the adventure in it. By becoming a traveling nurse, you are given the opportunity to experience new environments, new teams and new landscapes on a regular basis, distancing yourself from workplace politics and immersing yourself instead in the excitement that comes with discovering a new place.

We’ve seen nurses travel for a variety of reasons, whether they’re saving for a large purchase, hoping to work near friends and family in different parts of the country, enamored with the pride that comes with filling an immediate need or simply fueled by the adrenaline that comes with travel.

Regardless of the motivation, Springboard becomes an invaluable partner throughout the process, discussing every detail with you — right down to the type of transportation you’ll need to get to your new assignment. And our well-earned expertise in cardiovascular care means the opportunities you’ll come by as one of Springboard’s Cath Lab, EP or IR nurses will allow you to flex your professional strengths while developing new ones.

Are you ready to travel with Springboard? Let’s talk about it