Cath Lab Nurses and Techs Earn More On The Road

Published May 26, 2021

It’s safe to say that if you could make more money, you would. If an opportunity presented itself that offered a higher salary or a better hourly rate, you would — at the very least — explore it and then possibly consider it.

Compensation, after all, is a big deal for a cardiac cath lab nurse or anyone considering a change. In fact, reports that money is the most important motivator among 67% of job seekers.

When it comes to comparing a cath lab nurse or tech salary from one facility to the next within the same geographical region, our Wage Survey indicates the differences in compensation may be measured by just a few dollars. And a few dollars, each hour, could be enough for someone like you to make a move.

Every gain helps.

But, when you zoom out, and consider regions against each other, a cardiac cath lab nurse can expect to earn considerably more per hour in the West as compared to any other region in the country. And if you take it one step further, a cath lab travel nurse can expect to command a level of compensation that sometimes nearly doubles what a permanent position would receive.

And that’s the biggest upside to traveling.

Compensation, by far, is the most attractive benefit of becoming a cath lab travel nurse or tech. Our Wage Survey, which we conduct every two years to keep tabs on current industry trends, indicates that travelers in the West can average $75 an hour, compared to the non-traveling average of about $45.

That kind of money makes a difference.

Our relationship managers at Springboard have seen a cath lab tech take a traveling position in order to save for a personal goal, such as a down payment on a house, a wedding or paying down debts. And they’ve also seen a cardiac cath lab nurse choose to take a traveling position to be closer to friends and family — and have extra money to be able to explore new destinations and experiences with them.

According to our Wage Survey, most nurses and techs on cardiovascular care teams aren’t happy with their wages. And traveling, which offers a $10 to $16 per hour bump in pay, could be one lucrative and adventurous way to take control of your financial future.

As with most new ventures, there are additional benefits, including an ability to side-step hospital politics, meet new people and explore new areas, earn experience at high-profile organizations and learn from some of the industry’s most influential professionals in ways you may not otherwise have had an opportunity to.

Most importantly, though, choosing to become a cardiac cath lab nurse or tech gives you an opportunity to earn more money. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your career, too, allowing you to navigate your path and take the next steps toward a brighter financial future.

We’re ready to show you how.

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