Earn More as a Traveling EP Tech

Published June 3, 2021

Ever dreamed of hitting the road? What about taking your career with you and traveling the country while earning more money in the process?

As a traveling EP tech, it’s possible. By shifting gears from your permanent position to become a traveling EP tech, you will have the opportunity to switch up the scenery, see new parts of the country, meet new people and bring home bigger paychecks. 

It’s fair to say that most working professionals care about the compensation they receive, and the same applies to traveling nurses and an EP tech salary. If you had an opportunity to earn more, you would, especially if there were additional benefits along the way.

And with traveling, there are.

Not only do traveling EP techs have the opportunity to work at esteemed institutions around the country and meet new people, they have a chance to learn from premiere professionals in the field, fill an urgent need on a clinical team, learn new techniques or practices and establish new, professional connections in different parts of the country.

And as a bonus, some traveling EP techs choose to work near family or friends, allowing their work to temporarily bring them closer to the people they love. Because, those are the experiences in life that really matter. Those are the reasons why we all work, beyond a passion for a profession, the moments we earn to spend our time and money with those who are most important to us.

As a traveling EP tech earning a higher salary, it’s easier to make those moments happen.

An EP tech salary can vary from region to region, as most salaries align with the cost of living in a certain region. Our Wage Survey indicates the West and the Northeast lead the way on salaries for permanent positions. However, traveling EP techs stand to earn upwards of $20 more an hour than their permanent counterparts, according to our survey.

That type of compensation is the kind that offers a new version of financial freedom. At Springboard, we’ve seen skilled professionals transition to a life of travel to achieve financial goals that otherwise might have been out of reach — like saving for a house, paying off debt or looking ahead to early retirement.

And Springboard’s traveling EP techs are never traveling alone. Yes, they travel to their new positions on their own, but they are never without the constant, knowledgeable support of our relationship managers.

At Springboard, our relationship managers help traveling EP techs navigate all the logistics associated with housing and relocating to a new area, which means traveling techs and nurses still have a team to offer support even if they aren’t holding down a permanent position.

As a highly qualified EP tech, your skills are in high demand. And with traveling as an option, the opportunity to earn more for your sought-after expertise is in your hands. Springboard can help get you on your way.

The only question is, where do you want to go?

Contact us.