Happy New Year:  2017 Looks Bright for Allied Health and Other Healthcare Professionals

Published January 23, 2017

Happy New Year 2.png

It’s the new year which signals a time for reevaluation and fresh starts.  At the beginning of the new year many workers across the nation take stock of their job, wages and overall satisfaction.  It’s also a time when many people consider taking steps towards advancement in their careers whether that means taking additional classes to increase knowledge or working towards an industry certification. 

It’s a good time for allied health and otherhealthcare professionals to reevaluate their careers as well.  Fortunately, allied health professionals are in high demand.  With the shortage of cardiovascular lab workers and the increased demand for atrial fibrillation services among an aging population, growth in cath lab and electrophysiology jobs will continue over the next few decades.  That’s definitely good news.  To add to that, based on the findings from our recent Wage Survey the outlook for cardiovascular lab workers is bright for 2017.  Here are a few highlights: 

  • Wage growth is strong.  From 2011 to 2017 RT wages grew by almost 6 percent, while RNs and CVTs experienced wage increases of almost 10 percent.
  • Experience drives higher earnings. Workers with 10 year’s experience or more earned higher wages. In fact, RNs earned 50 percent more, RTs earned 51 percent and CVTs earned 36 percent more.  More specifically, a RN with over 10 year’s experience earns an average of $14 more per hour than an entry level RN. 
  • Travel staff reap higher wages.  For example, RN travel staff earned higher wages by over $6-12 per hour in almost every region.

But how do you as a busy lab professionaltake advantage of these opportunities?  How do you make the most of your career? What are the best next steps?  

Take a look at our helpful checklist for ideas:  3 Ways to Boost Your Career! 



Happy New Year!