Listening and Hearing Important to Us.

Published October 14, 2015

Recently, a Springboard Healthcare Traveler visited our home office in Scottsdale, Arizona. He came to visit, meet everyone, and go out to dinner with his Relationship Manager.

During the course of the meal, our Traveler opened up about why he chose Springboard Healthcare over his previous travel company.

He said it was actually a very easy decision. He stated his Relationship Manager took a great deal of time getting to know him, asking many questions about his skills, goals and desires. He said he talked with his Relationship Manager more in his initial conversation than he had with his previous recruiter during his entire previous contract.

Our Traveler also appreciated the extra effort that went into acquiring his new location of choice. He said he felt he was kept abreast of all the steps throughout the

Our Traveler also went on to say he felt that even though he is only one of many clinical Travelers, he definitely felt he mattered to the Springboard organization.process.

We at Springboard Healthcare want to thank this Traveler for his gracious endorsement. We tip our collective hats back to this Traveler. We promise to serve your needs well.
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