Location, Location, Location

Published October 14, 2015

We at SpringBoard Healthcare always want to secure the location that our Travelers desire most. If a location is not readily available, we will market our Travelers to the locations of their choice.

Sometimes it happens that the city or region of choice is well staffed, or has a healthy Per Diem well to draw from. When this happens, we ask that our Travelers be open minded to other locations. Many find themselves happily surprised that an unexpected location can provide delights they had not at first considered.

Recently, one of our Traveling Techs asked for a particular city on the East Coast. The city was not available, even after very intense marketing. We asked the Traveling Tech, “What else is important to you?” We determined that this particular Traveling Tech liked College Football. We discussed jobs available in cities that have vibrant College Football teams. Cities filled with Tradition, and lively game day activities.

The choice for our Traveler became apparent. The Traveler was submitted, interviewed, offered the position, and the Traveler accepted.

The Traveler is now enjoying game days in an unexpected city. A city filled with many activities.

Springboard is committed to finding the best fit in location for our Travelers. We only ask that our Travelers keep an open mind and be ready to be unexpectedly surprised. Call 866.465.6286 and say “I WANNA CHANGE”.