Study Tips to Ace the RCES Exam

Published May 2, 2019


You’re almost there! You’re on your way to becoming a Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (RCES), but the only thing standing in your way is the RCES exam. We get it – there’s a ton of information for you to study and you may not know where to begin. We’ve worked with many healthcare professionals who have successfully passed the RCES exam. Here are some study tips gleaned from those with experience taking the RCES that we hope will help you ace it!


Study Each Day

By studying a small amount each day, you’re more likely to retain the information you’re studying. By doing so, you’ll constantly be reviewing the information in your mind, which helps you understand it better. This study method is far more effective than cramming for the exam at the last minute. This is because cramming often results in only memorizing words, but not actually understanding important concepts.


Find a Study Partner

Find a study partner, such as a colleague, who shares the same goals and is motivated to excel on the RCES exam. Having another person to hold you accountable for studying is proven to increase results. With two or more people, a culture of learning is certain to develop, which may improve your test results.


Schedule a Time to Study

Schedule a specific time to study each day. This will help you limit distractions while studying, as it will force you to plan your day’s activities around this scheduled time. This will also help you hold yourself more accountable to study, making it more likely that you’ll do so. Put an alarm on your calendar to alert you when it’s study time.


Commit to a Testing Date

By committing to a testing date and paying the money up-front to take the test, you’re more likely to place urgency and importance on studying. Signing-up and paying the money to take the exam first is a far more effective approach than telling yourself that one day you’ll do it. This makes your goal more real by placing a time limit on it.


Switch Up Your Study Location

Instead of studying in the exact same place every time, try to change up your study locations. For example, try studying at coffee shops or libraries rather than only at home. If you prefer and are allowed to, you can even study between cases in your hospital lab. Not only will this help studying feel less mundane, but it will help your brain form new associations to the places you’re studying.


Discover Your Learning Style

Most people have a preferred way of learning. Discover which method works best for you and continue to use that method while studying. There aren’t any rules that say you must only study one specific way. Experiment with these learning styles and figure out what works best for you.

  • Auditory learners prefer to learn by listening. Try reading your notes out loud and discussing your notes with other people. You may also want to record yourself with your phone recorder speaking out loud, so that you can play it back.
  • Visual learners prefer to learn by seeing. Try color coordinating important information in your notes or drawing diagrams to help you understand. This may help you remember information based on these visual images.
  • Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn by doing. Try taking practice exams or role-playing to help you remember key points.

Take Breaks

It’s important to take breaks while studying, especially if you’re feeling tired or frustrated. In fact, research shows that spending too long working on a task can actually decrease your performance. When you take a break, try to remove yourself from your study area. A small amount of physical activity, like a short walk, can help you return to studying with a new, fresh perspective. 


Take a Preparatory Course

As part of preparing for RCES exam, we suggest enrolling in a comprehensive preparatory course, like EP Academy. EP Academy’s online course offers 24/7 access to detailed illustrations, practice exams, expert-led lectures and references. This content covers all topics from basic anatomy and physiology to complex procedures. For added flexibility, their course can easily be accessed from any mobile or tablet device! EP Academy’s course is designed to cater to all different styles of learning, providing students with a personalized experience. The course caters to different learning styles with information presented in various ways.

We wish you the best of luck as you prepare to ace your RCES exam!


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